Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Birch, J. Zhou

On Stage, E. Jaworski

Cape Breton, J. Novotny

Eclipse, L. Lewis
Disappearing Act, T. Donovan

Autumn Cloak, E. Krawecka (pair with below)

Golden Days, E. Krawecka

Grain Field, M. Ludlam

Slush Puppie, M. Ludlam

Lighthouse Point, M. Ludlam

Green Landscape, KD Ludwig

Purple Landscape, KD Ludwig

Warm Early Evening, N. Pelev

Pine, M. Zaworsky

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sound Layers 60 x 72 by Moira Clark

Peninsula 60 x 84 by Moira Clark

Long Shore 48 x 60 by Moira Clark

Cape Breton 47 x 48 with 3" gold wood frame by Jane Novotny

Wiedan 48 x 84 by Reina Nieland

I Dream of Flying - 2 panels total 48 x 96 inches by R. Nieland

Segwun 60 x 40 by Andrew Benyei

Spinnaker 60 x 40 by A. Benyei

Speaker's Corner 60 x 40 by A. Benyei

Yellow Sea 36 x72 by Susan Collacott

My DNA 36 x 88 by S. Collacott

Rock Face 44 x 72 by S. Collacott

Life Force diptych (2pc) 4' x 12' (feet) by S. Collacott

Monday, 9 September 2013

Large format paintings

Blue Caves-Natural Balance, 3pcs, 48h X 126w, Acrylic on Canvas by  S Collacott

Blue Cave 1, 60x72, $5800

Blue Cave 2, 60x72, $5800

Blue Caves Light Filled Interior, 60x72    $5800

Animal Lair 48x60 $3900

Foxes Leaps Head Over Heals_44 x 80

Looking Behind_36x72_$3200

Archaeology of the First Born Native American_60x72_$5500


Paled by sunlight_48x60_$4200

Summer Winds_42x48_$3200

Intent and the Unintended After Berlin_60x72_$5500

Monday, 19 August 2013

Home Staging Proposal Aug 2013

Hazel Harvey, Street in St. Tropez, 32" x 40"
Hazel Harvey, Shoreline, 28 x 36 "

Barbara Fostka, Docks, 33 x 48"

Hazel Harvey,  Jasper in June, 38x44

Frankie Ip, Riparian 2, 30 x 36

Frankie Ip, Mirroring, 36 x 24 inches

Frankie Ip, Topaz Lake Surprise, 36 x 24 inches

Art Choices Aug 2013

Profusion 36 x 60"
Silver Peak  30 x 60"

                                       Charisma 2  36x36 (use as a diptych with other Charisma choices below)

Animal Lair Blue Caves, Suzan Collacott, 48 x 84 inches
Bootlegger Cave over Georgian Bay, 44 x 80 inches
Golden Days, Elzbieta Krawecka, 40 x 40 (pair with Autumn Cloak for diptych)
Autumn Cloak, Elzbieta Krawecka, 40x40 inches (pair with Golden Days)
On Stage, E Jaworski, 48 x 60 inches
Autumn Equinox, A. Naszados, 48 x 60 inches, oil on canvas
Charisma 1 36x36
Charisma 3  36" x 48"
Rider in the Storm  30 x 72 inches on panel