Friday, 22 March 2013

Colwyn Griffith: Dust with Mugs

Interior (from above): 13:10

Wall 5500

Moscow (Pool)

Moira Clark: Triangle

Tear Down

Shadow House


All Cut Up

Sum of the Parts
Still Life in the City

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Micheal Zarowsky: Riverside Birches 24 x 36"

Micheal Zarowsky: Infinity Rings #25, 16"x20"

Infinity Rings#13, 16 x 29"

Infinity Rings with Koi 22.5 x 30"

Infinity Rings #1  24x30"

Infinity Rings #32, 26 x 34"

Micheal Zarowsky: Wild Irises 22x11"

Late Day Lily Pond 15x24"

Waterlilies #10, 32 x 24"

Waterlilies #15, 48 x 30"

Micheal Zarowsky: Beaver Pond 16x16"

Islands Georgian Bay 16.5" x16"

Northern Pine, Kilbear 18x12"

Channel 17x11"

Full Moon Rising 14x18"

Free Fall Reflection 26x18"

Sun Going Down 24x24"

Drowned Land, Beaver Pond 30x22"

Spring Stream 32x48"

At the Still Point 15.5 x 23.5"

Alex Naszados: Towering Cumulus Cloud 30x36 $2000

Alex Naszados: Budding Clouds 30x36 $2000

Monday, 18 March 2013

Reina Nieland Wiedan 48" x 84"  $3500

Tart Yellow Moon 48"x48" $2500


Primitive Rythm #1, 30x40", $1200

Primitive Rythm #2, 30x30

Barley Revels (see installation shot), 66" x96" (diptych)

Boats floating on Dog Lake,

Dog Lake #2 46"x46

Dante 46"x46"

Reina Nieland installation shot

Green Field (in installation shot)

Angelfish 36x36"

Barley Revels, installation shot

Witches Sabbath 43x40"

Red Night 48x54"

Margaret Glew: Untitled 3, 36x36"

The Pink Despot 36x36

Untitled #18, 36x36

Margaret Glew: What are you waiting for 36x36

Installation shot of No Words - for reference
Untitled Black and White, 30x36

No Words 60x72

You can't go home again 36x36
Celebration 36x36

Untitled 3, 36x36

Untitled 1, 36x48

Untitled 2, 36 x 48