Friday, 8 March 2013

Eva Lewarne photographs, Parade in Blue, 16x20, $300
Park, 16x20

Love, 16 x20
Eva Lewarne, Wheel of Life, 36x40, $900
Micheal Zarowsky, Lido Bikes 52, 19.5x24"

Lido Bikes 90, 20x30
Lido Bikes 50, 18 x 26
Red and White Dory 16x24
Trawlers 26x18
Buoys hanging in Shed 16x22
Boats Deer Island 16x22
Boat under Mangroves 20x20
A Splash of Magnolias, 22 x36
Frankie Ip: Mirroring, 36x24
Changes 30x36

Stunning 30x40

Incandescent 42 x 60

Lustrous 36x48

Majestic 48x48

Perspective 30x36

Spring Blossom 3, 42x48

Spring Blossom 2, 24x28

 EDWARD ABELA #2  Beach Ravine 20x24" Framed

#3  20x24  Framed

#4 24 x 36"

#5  Algonquin Park 22 x 28 Framed

#6a  18 x 22" Framed (pair with foliage below)

#6b  18 x 22 Framed

#7a 18 x 22" Framed (pair with landscape below)

Edward Abela, Glen Stewart Ravine 30x36

McDonald House Gardens 30x36
Scotland, Killian 18"x18"


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